Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Wood Rose Packaging Coming soon!

We have some new packaging coming to Bitter Creek that should be on the cart soon! There are three new bags for packaging the AromaMagic™ Wood Roses! I am pretty excited about this! There are a large and a small with the standard floral film print in clear and one that is stamped and reads wooden roses. They are awesome! If you have never worked with Wood Roses, here is your chance. Sell by the single or the bouquet or even use singles as promotional items to "give away" with your card and perhaps a discount? 

Our delicate, hand crafted AromaMagic™ Wood Roses look very realistic, and last forever! Never worry about your beautiful roses wilting again. These make great keepsakes and gifts that will last much longer than real cut flowers. Available in a great selection of over 20 gorgeous colors to match any décor! Here is what you will need to create fantastic Wood Roses!

Wood Roses
Reed Diffuser Base
Fragrance (I used Spring Rain for these)
Wood Roses Sleeves (COMING SOON!)
A Spray Bottle
A Bowl etc. to catch any over-spray. I use a Pyrex baking dish.

Lightly mist the wood flowers with any of our fragrance oils mixed with our AromaMagic™ Reed Diffuser Base in a spray bottle to scent. Be careful not to overly saturate the petals as they can fall apart if too much fragrance oil is used. Spray evenly with a fine mist so as not to leave visible oil spots. Be aware that some fragrance oils may cause discoloration, so we recommend testing each fragrance on a single flower before making a large batch. Do not dip or submerse the flower in fragrance oil!

Sell refresher mist in a 1 or 2 oz spray bottle or in a glass dropper bottle for customers to freshen their flowers! Great for fairs, festivals, craft shows, flea markets, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, get well soon! Great for table centerpieces (do in wedding colors, school colors for graduation parties, sports team colors, etc). Great items for fundraisers! Use wire cutters to cut stems to varying lengths and add silk leaves to create your own floral arrangement. Wrap a dozen long stemmed AromaMagic™ wood roses with some dried baby’s breath in a Floral Sleeve tied with a sheer ribbon for a romantic bouquet. Mix several colors or just one single color to create a stunning bouquet. Use as a classy drawer freshener in your lingerie drawer! 

Single roses sell great in bars… why not sell scented wood roses that will leave a longer lasting impression (wrap a blank white label around the stem for those who want to write a note or give their number)! Great gift for mommy-to-be at her baby shower… pink roses scented in baby powder! Real Estate agents, these make the perfect gifts for your clients to welcome them to their new home! Bosses, perfect gift for secretary’s day! Interior designers can now make custom floral arrangements in designer colors to match any décor! Great in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, hospital rooms (especially for people who may be allergic to real flowers!).

We’ve seen crafters sell scented wood roses for $1 to $2 a piece, or an average of $18.00 per dozen. Great profit item!

Caution: Direct sunlight may cause colors to fade over time. Colors shown may look different on your computer screen than in real life.

Petals are hand crafted of birch wood and are finished with green silk leaves and a 13” long bendable green stem. Available in bunches of 8 closed bud roses.


Happy Crafting!

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